Induction – Craig #119


Get ready for a slew of inductions. An excellent post ferry venue is the Manly Skiff Club. Whether it is for a sherbet after the ferry or an old school DNR (Do not return) lunch, the Skiffies is great. And nothing better than warming for the Skiffies with a couple on the Back of the #worldsbestcommute.

Our first inductee is a long time fan of the ferry and his induction was a long time coming. I’ve blown the froth off a few with Craig in Beijing, Singapore and Sydney, so it was good to share a few on the BotF.

Favourite beverage: James Boags

Favourite sport to spectate: Rugby League without question

Area of trivial expertise: Mudgee between the years of 1963 and 1980

Favourite pub and why: The Slug and Lettuce in Fulham, because it saved my sanity in a February last century.

Happy inductees

We were lucky to have Inductee #118 join us and add his considerable photo taking talents to the ceremony. These inductees should feel privileged.

Induction ceremony performed by #1, #97 and #117 on the MV Freshwater