The hazey world’s best commutes continue…

With the massive fires surrounding Sydney the smoke haze on the harbour continues together with a post-apocalyptic vibe. Thank goodness for the firies @NSWRFS and may they stay safe, together with the absolutely legendary interstate, Kiwi, US and Canadian volunteers who have come to assist.

Your correspondents were very lucky to receive a timely #beermail from our friends at Nomads Brewing that helped protect our parched throats from the ash-filled skies.

First up was the Budgy Smuggler Pale Ale, a collab between the brewer and now ubiquitous Aussie swimwear. Described as bursting with fruit and citrus hops we can safely confirm that it is a super refreshing fruit bomb.

The second candidate was the Yeastie Boys Raised on Robbery IPA. This Australian exclusive, brewed in Brookvale, is a very tasty and sessionable variant despite the range of curious inclusions including passionfruit and pinot gris juice.

As our vessel turned into North Harbour, with our destination on in sight, we sampled the Jetlag Fingerlime IPA. For the the purposes of full disclosure, your correspondents sampled this at the source soon after its release. This is a 2019 upgrade to the original Jetlag and it’s a belter. Beautiful in colour and silky on the tongue, it is the current ‘summer go to’ for this correspondent.