A hazey world’s best commute

A fresh #beermail from our friends at Nomads Brewing can only mean one thing, a road test on the back deck of the world’s best commute. Bushfires have been devastating large parts of NSW and Queensland meaning a smoke haze has been descending over Sydney on intermittent days. Today was such a day providing an ominous backdrop to the tropical livery of the Nomad tasters.

First up was the South Pacific Laua, described by Nomads as dropping a bit of the aloha spirit into their Pacific Ale variant, the South Pacific Dream. Pacific Ales, while technically lacking a formal definition, are often described as a range of refreshing beers that offer certain, often fruity, characteristics. In the case of the South Pacific Laua, the description resonates, especially with the addition of passionfruit, orange and guava. Both your correspondents were in violent agreement that the fruit is brilliant without being overwhelming.

Next we sampled the Supersonic Yuzu DIPA. Yuzu, also becoming a popular fruit to use in brewing, is fast becoming my colleague bladdamasta’s favourite citrus. The flavour of the yuzu has been described as a cross between a grapefruit and a lime. In this instance it added a nice floral hit to what is a rich double IPA.