Induction – Ros #110

Ros and ferry

The third of our inductees is Ros. Like Kate and induction ceremony officiating member #37 Molly, Ros is a paramedic so we all felt very safe. A post induction debrief occurred at 4 Pines where we’d time our arrival perfectly to coincide with the last half hour of Manly’s best happy hour. A very pleasant afternoon on the #worldsbestcommute.

Favourite beverage: Bibble by the Wild Beer Co

Favourite sport to spectate: Walking Netball

Area of trivial expertise: Harry Potter

Favourite pub and why: The Gallery because there is no place like home.

Induction ceremony performed by bladdamasta #1, illiards #2 and Molly #37

Molly, Kate and Ros and Lachy – all inducted