Induction – Mimi #107

Mimi and her favourite drink

In what maybe become a Top 10 thing to do in Sydney on TripAdvisor visiting English journalist Mimi asked inductee #91 whether she could be inducted. We felt confident enough in Michael’s abilities to perform such a task and so the first induction ceremony not to be conducted in the presence of either Inductees #1 & #2 took place

Mimi, G&T and bridge

Editorial courtesy of Michael #91.

Favourite beverage: gin and tonic. Very English!

Favourite sport to spectate: athletics and in particular the London olympics

Area of trivial expertise: Mimi is a expert in pointless facts and German philosophy

Favourite pub and why: In England it is in Durham – The Tin of Sardines. A small gin bar.

In Sydney, The Little Guy in Glebe. It has great live music, music bingo and trivia. The bar tenders are great and give out unlimited popcorn but beware they will make you do apple shots. Wear a party shirt to get free drinks on weekends.

Induction performed by Inductee Michael #91