Mondo Brewing & the personality of beer

Your correspondent had the good luck to be back in ol’ blighty again, this time with far more leisure time at his disposal. Henceforth, I proceeded to get to as many breweries as I could. I missed plenty last visit because of work demands.

Last time I was here it was glorious summer. The sun set at 930pm and walking about London, past all the local boozers bursting at the seams with lively punters, was a treat. This visit, it’s winter. Very different. Sleet, frosts and temps getting below zero at night. Even more conducive to squirrelling yourself away in a crafty brewery.

My first stop was Mondo Brewing in Battersea. It’s not super easy to get to as it’s not close to the tube. I uber’d from Wandsworth Road on the London Overground.

The tap room adjoins the brewery and was convivial and welcoming on a brisk evening. Games on every table and free popcorn are the drivers of a lounge room vibe – a lounge room with 15 rotating craft beer taps poking out the wall.

I jumped out of the box with the signature Dennis Hopp’r IPA. This is a beauty and scored the coveted Back of the Ferry #squintingly good rating. While ordering this and bending the barman’s ear, I learnt that Mondo was undergoing something of a rebrand. Here at Back of the Ferry we are big fans of every craft beer having it’s own avatar or identity. This gives the beers added personality and, most importantly, tends to generate great merchandise in the form of t-shirts and the like.

It seems that Mondo had been a little too successful in this regard for while the Dennis Hopp’r was well known about town, the brewer of this gold was not. Since my visit the new brand has been launched the associated merch looks great – something for next visit.

I subsequently motored through a brace of tasters, including a stunner of an Australian Pale Ale. These are usually watery and tepid back home.

Dennis Hopp’r IPA: #squintingly good, nice fruit to this one
Road Soda Pale Ale: a slow burner with apricot hints
Wake & Bake Double IPA: wow. This a belter. Velvety rich.
Raise the Endeavour Australian Pale: thought they’d take the piss but this is an Aussie pale with substance
London Alt: malt bomb
Trainspotting New England IPA: again #squintingly good & a more traditional NEIPA

Mondo Brewing Company
Address: 86-92 Stewart’s Road, Battersea, London, SW8 4UG (click for map)