Drinking in the Hunter – The Bulga Tavern

The Bulga Tavern

I’m always looking for different ways to get my Hunter Valley weekender, particularly if there is something fortuitous to visit on the way. The Putty Road has always intrigued me and now that there is new pub at Bulga – there was no excuse.

A nod to history

Well, I’ve now ticked off the Putty Road which starts near Richmond and goes all the way to Singleton. Whilst it runs between the Wollemi and Yengo National Parks, there’s really not enough scenery to warrant another trip. An abandoned truck stop is as good as it gets.

Oddity on Putty

But the Putty Road now runs past a new pub. The Bulga Tavern has been done up and opened for business in December 2018. Looks bloody good too. Lots of outdoor seating and I think that you can even tie your horse up. The Western Hunter can get stinking hot, so the inside is bright and air-conditioned.

Bright and airy

The grub is old school pub grub – schnitties, steaks and burgers etc. The beer is bloody cold and very macro. Hopefully a Hunter craft brewer can convince the owners to sell some cans or even a keg or two of something local.

Merch and cold beer

The Bulga Tavern was formerly and more colourfully known as the Cockfighter Creek Tavern. Cockfighter was the name of a horse that drowned in 1835 in the Wollombi Brook on what is now Jerry’s Plains Road. Unfortunately, judging by the Facebook reviews, The Cockfighter Tavern didn’t end its days well. The new owners have started off strong and are making a real go of it. I look forward to stopping off in future on the occasional trip to Singleton.

The Bulga Tavern: 2308 Putty Road, Bulga NSW