Drinking in Cairns – Green Ant Cantina

On tap and in bottles

In January*, I travelled to Far North Queensland with my three daughters. In amongst a ton of sightseeing, we also managed to find a couple of terrific places for a feed. They are all over 18 now and don’t mind indulging their old man in his craft Beer pursuits so long as they get fed.

A place we all enjoyed was the Green Ant Cantina. The night we visited the place was packed and the vibe was buzzy. Green Ant is all about fun and I wish we’d been able to witness someone take on the Wings of Death. The objective is to eat a whole portion of hot wings without a drink. The plate must be clean of sauce to win a free beer and get your photo on the Wall of Fame. Not for me, but very interesting to see the high proportion of Indians on the “Wall of Flame”. I’m still traumatised by some hot wings I had at the Red Spot Brewhouse in Singapore.

Brave to attempt

Green Ant produces their own range of beers and some are available on tap and some in bottles. This is the FNQ so the emphasis is on hydration and thirst quenching so it is no . surprise to see easy drinking styles on tap. I bought an Imperial Stout for later and it was particularly meaty. The girls are big fans of ginger beer and the Green Ant’s take was well received.

Green Ant is not the only craft Beer joint in town. Unfortunately our timing didn’t coincide with the opening hours of Barrier Reef Brewing Co and Coral Sea Brewing Co. It is all looking very healthy in Cairns and there’s more than just XXXX or Great Northern to quench your thirst.

The lurid outside

Green Ant Cantina: 183 Bunda Street, Parramatta Park, QLD

Takeaway and merch available

* Yes, I have plenty of time on my hands travelling on Chinese trains