Drinking in Hefei – Calvin Brewing Co

Hefei is the capital of Anhui province. It is difficult to find anything on the internet to excite you about Hefei. For me, visit Hefei and tick off Anhui province. To be honest Hefei lived up to the lack of hype. I walked through the centre of the city for about three hours in the punishing heat. There’s a waterway that surrounds the city and there was probably a wall circling the city in the day. Some lovely parks to provide some shade and by 6pm – time for a feed and some beer.

According to Great Hop Forward, Calvin Beer Co is a Craft brewer in Hefei. A Facebook exchange later – I’d established a location for his beer. Little Susie’s Bottle Shop is in a very small alley off Shuguang Lu. It is very close to another bar called Shipyard Cafe, which has been serving Expats since 2011. Both are very cool places. Whilst Susie is called a Bottle Shop it is actually a bar that serves most of its beers in bottles. An eclectic selection of NZ, German, Belgian and US beer is available. Asahi and two of Calvin’s beers are on tap. You can see from the photos simple and effective Calvin’s beer delivery system is. Unfortunately the Chinese barman couldn’t tell what I was drinking (something about tea) – so the @Untappd check-in was somewhat random.

So Drinking in Hefei is pretty simple. Find Shuguang Lu. Enter from the North. Little Susie’s is off an alley to the right. Shipyard is on the street on the left. There’s also a number of backpacker bars adjacent to a youth hostel that looked promising. Pub crawling at its most compact.