Get thee to The Mill and Brewditos

Beautiful on the outside…


On a flying visit to Brisbane, I managed to squeeze a very quick visit to a great beer venue and try a couple of beers from a hitherto undiscovered Brewer. My memories of Fortitude Valley are Ross Strudwick and the Chris Masters 4 Corners expose. That’s changed.

…and beautiful on the inside


The Mill (on Constance) is a beautiful place. Superb wooden interior in an old mill. 8 taps and 50 bottles. A quick scan of the Internet reveals a regular association with Queensland gypsy Brewer “Brewditos“. Two of the taps were Brewditos beers when I visited.

Morbidly named


The team from Brewditos are united “by a penchant for heavy music and heavy beers”. This would explain the none too subtle names of their beers. My first pint – Death. Very nice and a subdued 7.6 ABV. The next drop was one of the best chilli beers and indeed one of the best beers I’ve had in a while. “Burning the Altar” is a Habanero Stout. Pours beautifully with a dark tan head.  The barman said the heat would linger. I would say that the warmth lingers long time and delightfully so. Not a Matso strength chilli beer in any sense, but good chilli nonetheless.

Devilish stuff

I look forward to a longer arvo at a terrific venue.

The Mill: 111 Constance Street, Fortitude Valley, Qld