Good to know – ash scattering on the Manly Ferry

The NRL Daily, aka the Daily Telegraph, published a very interesting story today.

In case the article is behind a paywall, the salient points are:

– people on a slow ferry got covered with ash when an an “ash scattering ceremony” went awry

– it is possible to get permission from the HCF (Harbour City Ferries?) to conduct an ashes scattering ceremony if you can demonstrate a connection to the ferries

The article certainly got this corespondent thinking. Firstly, I’ve always loved a Lou Reed lyric “…pissing in the wind, comes back at you twice as hard…”. I think the ash scatterers could relate to Lou’s finally expressed observation. Secondly, whilst I haven’t really contemplated my own mortality despite passing the half century, I’m thinking that this is a fine idea. Would need to check the weather forecast first, but the back of the ferry would be an ideal spot. Least chance of the Lou Reed factor happening, and it is a second home anyway.