Longest journey ever on the BotF – 2 hours 41 minutes!

Normal departure

Journeys like this are fun. The 6pm from Circular Quay to Manly left like no other. 400m out from the Wharf. A lovely journey with a beautiful sky over the Harbour Bridge.

A beautiful view

There was some swell through the Heads but nothing too rough compared to other voyages. 400m out from Manly Wharf a siren sounded and we started to drift. We’ve spun through 180 degrees and the Back of the Ferry has become the Front of the Ferry. The “driveline” has issues. We’ve now anchored and we are assured that we are safe. Fortunately the “Cafe onboard is open for refreshments”.

So near yet so far…

As I type this, we’ve been told we can’t dock – and we are going to transfer to another vessel after anchoring further out in the channel.

Nice sunset

An update! (7.36pm). The longest trip between CQ and Manly ever. Now an hour 37 minutes. MV Narrabeen to the rescue!

Narrabeen to the rescue!

No rescue so far!

Trying to berth alongside! No success.

In the end, a water taxi was dispatched with a mechanic and spare part. We remained dry despite many calls to water taxis for a case of beer to be dropped off.

Ultimately we disembarked at 8.41pm – 2 hours and 41 minutes. Follow up story and another from the media.

Blessed land