Meantime Brewery & botf on the Thames

Your botf correspondents alway try and get some ‘back of the ferry’ time in the exotic locations we get to visit. With this in mind I caught the ferry on route RB1 down the Thames from London Bridge to Greenwich. The Thames ferry services are brilliant and are overshadowed by the more famous London Underground. The ubiquitous Oyster card can be used on them and it’s a great way to cruise past all the sites.

My destination, Greenwich, was chosen because it’s home to the Mean Time Brewery.
Meantime have a serious presence in London pubs – so much so I originally thought they were just another mainstream brewer.


Their brewery/restaurant is indicative of their size. It’s a serious setup complete with gift shop & the ubiquitous brewery kit bulging into the bar and restaurant. I motored through a good section of the tap list. To complete the feat would require several more livers than I currently possess. Their Yakima Red is my standout given my current liking for good ambers and reds.

London botf observation #6: Hindsight is an amazing thing – I wrote this missive after the Brexit vote but visited the brewery before the vote. In London before the vote, no one or no media outlet could list the facts in regards to staying or leaving. The mess that exists now is hardly a surprise. Not one pundit could list the the benefits or the disadvantages either way. It was all guesswork. The result serves them right – like voting to have a sex change before checking what you already had downstairs.

Meantime Brewery
Address: Lawrence Trading Estate, Blackwall Lane, London SE10 0AR (select for map)
Ferry: RB1 service – London Eye to Woolwich Arsenal

PS. Better late than never. This blog was submitted well after your correspondent returned to sunny Sydney.