Induction – Haley and Luca #78 #79

Not sure if we’ve ever performed an induction on 29 February. Well, whatever, here’s the last one for 4 years.

I met Haley in Cambodia, and now she’s surfaced in Sydney. Brought her beau, Luca, along for the ferry ride, which was a corker. Summer ended defiantly.


Haley and Luca

And so to the important questions:

Favourite beverage:

Haley – Fat Yak
Luca – Coke

Favourite sport to spectate

H Basketball L Tennis

Area of trivial expertise

Asian countries L Science in general

Favourite Bar of all time

White Horse (Brookline Boston)

L Palisade

Haley and inductee witness


Induction ceremony witnessed by Bladdamasta and Jeremy. Not sure of the boat.