Sydney Wine & Beer Merchants – a reason to go to Terrey Hills

Don't let's its size fool you

Don’t let’s its size fool you

I started writing this post a year ago, so the tale is out of date. I visited this gem of a bottlo again last week – and it has maintained the craft beer rage.

I don’t get to Terrey Hills often. It’s a place I’ll drive past on rare occasions (like when visiting Kimbriki Tip) or to on even less frequent occasions (like accompanying the missus to a nursery to do some heavy lifting). So like I said, I don’t get to Terrey Hills very often. Anyway, the missus button-holed me. Council clean-up no longer exists, so it’s now do it yourself. “Surely you can do a trip to Kimbriki”. As I started to sigh, I recalled a discussion with someone, can’t remember who, that there was a bottlo in Terrey Hills with no less than 7 Growler Taps. I really couldn’t believe it, but did a little research and sure enough – apparently the Sydney Wine Merchants do beer. So whilst I wasn’t entirely convinced, I agreed with an enthusiasm that I’m sure the missus saw through, that I’d make the trip to the Kimbriki Tip.

Seven - yep - Seven Growler Taps

Seven – yep – Seven Growler Taps

Tip Trip done, I ventured into Terrey Hills. 6 Booralie Road is the address. Drove down Booralie Road – no sight of a bottlo. Should’ve figured, but I gave it one last look. Ah – Shop 7/6 Booralie Road, which is actually in Yulong Street. It exists. Sydney Wine + Beer Merchants. Phenomenal range of craft beers, with strong representation from New Zealand and the US.  Garage Project, Stone, Tuatara etc.


Taps on Saturday 23/1/16

The “Craft Filling Station” is awesome. Seven taps on the go. Even had a ginger beer when I visited last. Their Facebook site updates their tap list. They even have spare growler lids. So there you have it, a hidden gem of a bottelo.