Induction – Jeremy #75

It’s been some time between new members, but our latest inductee has been a long time reader of Back of the Ferry from afar and has played a part in expanding our international readership.

Jeremy is a sibling of one of the BotF founders and has traversed the globe on many occasions to almost the four corners. He’s lived overseas for a number of years, but is a Sydneysider at heart. His journey was held in the most pleasant of conditions and naturally concluded with a solid session at 4 Pines (as all good inductions should).

So to the important questions:

Favourite beverage; Reschs (especially after a long time OS)

Favourite sport to spectate; Eastwood Rugby

Area of trivial expertise; 16th century thalassocracies (look it up, ed)

Induction ceremony conducted on the MV Queenscliff and witnessed by bladdamasta and oompaloompa