Drinking a @SierraNevada Southern Hemisphere Fresh Hop IPA (2015) in the Southern Hemisphere

An in situ post from the MV Narrabeen.


in the Southern Hemisphere

Thanks to our friends at the Australian Wine Centre, we’ve been able to get our hands on a bottle of Sierra Nevada’s Southern Hemisphere Harvest Fresh Hop IPA (2015) edition. Nothing from Oz has been close to this beer. Photographing it in front of the Sydney Opera House could regarded similarly to Australia claiming Crowded  House, but in the interests of full disclosure the hops are from New Zealand. Fresh is best as they say and I obeying Sierra Nevada’s instructions by drinking this soon as I can.


Naval presence

A gorgeous winter’s evening was enlivened some big boats blocking our normal route home. Regular passengers will note our journey went via the port side of Fort Denison as one of our Sovereign Border Fleet blocked the Starboard passage. Unusually two cargo ships sat side by side in the Harbour as well. Variety – it is everything. The Southern Hemisphere beer? Get it and obey the instructions. It is a no regret move.

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