Birrificio Angelo Poretti Tre Luppoli – new to Mr Liquor

An in situ post (MV Narrabeen)


It is a red letter day these days when Mr Liquor at Circular Quay stocks something the BotF boys haven’t tried. Tonight he’s outdone himself with Birrificio Angelo Poretti’s Tre Luppoli in a hefty 660ml bottle making an appearance on his shelves.

Such a grandly named well packaged beer deserves the full Back of the Ferry beer p0rn treatment. Just a shame it is so dark. Birrificio Angelo Poretti was founded in 1877 by Angelo Poretti in a small town not far from Milan. After a few takeovers it has ended up in the hands of the rapacious Carlsberg Group. That’s not immediately apparent from the label but it’s dark and this correspondent is no longer capable of reading fine print, especially when it is in Italian.

Tre Luppoli means 3 Hops. BAP makes 5 varieties each with an increasing number of hop varieties, capping out at 7. Tre Luppoli is the pale lager of the family and does actually have a malt and hop profile that is better than the limpid description the Brewers own website proclaims. It’s perfectly pleasant, with a little effervescence. Perhaps an occasional upgrade for pommy_ch and lamb0 who remained wedded to their VB longnecks.

“limpid” – lost in translation – subtle perhaps