Celebrating the winter solstice

An antidote to the cold

Back of the Ferry loves its astronomical events. Solstices are a particular favourite. Tonight is the Winter Solstice. Longest night, shortest day. Given the hemisphere stuff I’m not sure whether the longest night is first or the shortest day is first. Anyway, Sydney’s solstice occurred at 2.38am on 22nd according to a couple of sources. Good enough for me. Tonight’s ferry was the moment to celebrate. 

Deep purple


Managed to pick up the very good “Return of the Dread” at Vintage Cellars at Wyntard. Branded as a “Domestic Extra Stout”, this isn’t out of place in the Panteon of Sheaf, Southwark or Coopers. Had that old style dry and roasted flavour. It is a seasonal – so grab it if you can.