Happy 7th birthday for @4PinesBeer – BotF’s Spiritual Home

On the Back of the Ferry - on the way

On the Back of the Ferry – on the way

Today (16 June) is the official date of 4 Pines’ Anniversary. Happy 7th birthday to the Spiritual home of the Back of the Ferry. Founding BotF members Pommy_ch and Lamb0 travelled with this correspondent in inclement conditions on the Back (Side) of the Ferry and sipped a couple of their finest on the way. Pommy_ch and I were then honoured to join the founder of 4 Pines – Jaron – for a celebratory pint at where it all began. Great to have a chat about the early days and to toast what the team has achieved. I was even taken to the first keg where it all began. That keg and others on site, are used to this day to make marvellous beers. Should be heritage listed in the years to come.

Bladdamasta and Pommy_ch - legends both

Bladdamasta and Pommy_ch – toasting the b’day

4 Pines are modest about what they’ve achieved, but as a local observer and a beer savant – these guys are doing as better as any craft brewer has done in the world. Despite their lofty achievements (awards and stuff), these guys remember their roots, their first customers and their first principles. What I and my family admire is that the core staff at the original locale hasn’t changed and they recognise me and my kids every time I walk in. There’s always a smile or a nod. Hats off guys. The brewers also deliver with amazing stuff almost every second week. Birthday night was no exception. The Black Strap Dark Ale – with no scrimping on the Pedro Ximinez(?) Sherry was a belter and certainly knits a good beer blanket.

In front of the first 4 Pines Keg

In front of the first 4 Pines Keg