Vivid over and @Endeavourbeer 2014 Pale Ale


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An in situ post. (MV  FRESHWATER)
Well, Vivid is over for another year. They’ve done a remarkable job getting rid of everything and the Quay is back to normal. The only first hand experience I had of Vivid this year was from the Back of the Ferry and whilst the Opera House looks wonderful, I was a little underwhelmed this year. Now maybe you’ve got to see the whole show through to get the full picture, but I’m calling it as I saw it. The MCA Installation was excellent and the integration of the windows in the display was very clever.

Endeavour 2014 Pale

Haven’t visited Vintage Cellars at Wynyard lately, but pulled in tonight to be rewarded with a stubbie of Endeavour Vintage Beer Company’s 2014 Pale Ale, which BotF hasn’t tried. I haven’t met an Endeavour beer I didn’t like and this is no exception. Very drinkable Australian Pale, with a sweet edge (in a good way) to some solid lingering bitterness. Surprised to see we’ve only knocked half their range (if @Untappd is to be believed). A go to brand for me if there is nothing new on tap.

Who needs Vivid when you’re on the BotF?