Fast Ferry Flounderings


The Correct Card

This correspondent was never able to remember the difference between the Sydney Fast Ferry and the Manly Fast Ferry. Which one left from Wharf 6 at Circular Quay, which one needed which card and which one served 4 Pines Beer. Readers of the Manly Daily have been bored to tears by the protracted and unnecessary saga of awarded the Fast Ferry gig to one company when two seemed to be happily co-existing for some time.

The Back of the Fast Ferry

Well the confusion is over and beer drinkers have lost out. The mob that doesn’t serve 4 Pines won the contest and a bearable trip is made less bearable by a beer choice that is woeful (OK James Boag Premium will do at a pinch, but easily it could be better). As I write, Sydney is being lashed by rain that would make Noah itchy, and it was one of the few nights where there was no prospect of even a Side of the Ferry trip home on the Manly Ferry, so the Fast Ferry was the only option. It was quite an experience. Things were going fine until we hit the Heads and it really started to get a little dodgy. The ferry yawed and heaved and groaned as it struggled mightily to get traction at times. One young lady couldn’t cope and joined me outside and hung her head over the side oblivious to the drenching she copped from spray and rain. (Discretion kept from a snap and she didn’t chunder). I’m not sure but the boat tonight seemed smaller than normal. It certainly struggled.

A sternside perspective of a bow

The only advantage of catching a Fast Ferry from Wharf 6 is that you get mighty close to the bows of some pretty impressive ships. I pity these passengers whose dream trip into Sydney Harbour would have resemble being in a large shower cubicle. Ah well, you can’t have perfect weather all the time.