Cambodian beer – it’s pretty straight forward

Beer is everywhere in Cambodia. Every milk bar, restaurant, B&B and corner store stocks it. There is a real battle going on judging by the multitude of shopfront advertising. Angkor, Anchor and Cambodia beer are the big three, with Angkor (My Country, My Beer) probably winning out. There’s very little difference between the 3 varieties of Pale Lager. There’s two types of beer sold. Pale Lager – 5% and extra stout at a uniform 8%. I wasn’t able to get my hands an Angkor Extra Stout, but I had a crack at Black Panther. You are exhorted to “feel the power of the Black Panther. It was pretty harsh to be honest.

Prices are awesome. $1 cans and $2 long necks. Most restaurants and bars offer happy hours that are much longer than one hour. 50 cent draft handles is a popular price no matter where you are. As pteviously mentioned, the record was 25 cents from a bar in Siem Reap.

Phnom Penh also offers plenty of decent venues to enjoy a beer. Le Grand Mekong was the pick of those that I tried. 8 stories up and a sensational sunset view over the Tonle Sap and Mekong junction.

I also discovered one of the amusingly named Irish bars in a little town called Kampot. Happy days.