A trio of Cricketers Arms beers

A short in situ post from the Back of the MV Freshwater. I picked up a trio of the newly liveried Cricketers Arms beers. I’m sure some of my check ins will be cancelled off @Untappd, but the Asahi owned Cricketers Arms label has updated their range.

There’s still a cricket theme. Keepers Lager – an El Blando lager replaces Mid On lager. Captain’s IPA is a straight relabelling of the Captain’s India Pale Ale. The new beer in the line- up which is apparently on tap is the Spearhead Pale Ale.

The Captain’s IPA is as useless as Michael Clarke’s hamstring. Pretty metallic and barely resembles the style it is claiming to be. Licky I’m drinking it in a beautiful part of the world.

The Spearhead is as penetrative as Ray Bright or any of the spinners that have had a turn of replacing Shane Warne. If this is your Spearhead – the opposition will be 2-400 at stumps on Day 1. Don’t like being critical, but this is an underwhelming trio. As I conclude this post the Spearhead is trying to break through, but it is a quaffer at best.