RIP Robin Williams

It is a tenuous link, but less than two weeks ago I had a drink in a bar that was part of the movie Good Will Hunting. Robin Williams won an Oscar for that film. The L Street Tavern makes the connection to the film, but doesn’t overdo it. There are photos of Robin Williams and his co-stars during the filming and off camera. They looked like they enjoyed themselves.

Hyperbole is often expressed immediately after people’s demise, but Robin Williams was one of the all time greats. Like Sellers, Milligan, Humphries, Connolly et al, they were gripped by the Black Dog – but in their good moments, they were the supreme comics of their nations.

Vale, Robin – from the first time on Happy Days, Mork & Mindy to Parkinson, Dead Poets, Garp, (let’s not talk about Patch Adams) – you were so different, so unique and so bloody funny. So sad you had to go so early.