Fred’s Bar and a red moon rising

Fred's Bar

Fred’s Bar

An in situ (ie on the BotF) posting.

On a day when very strong rumours have emerged that AC/DC have played their last gig – news of a new bar at Circular Quay is small beer. However, given it’s a cloudy night and the red moon rising can’t be seen, I may as well write about the new addition to Circular Quay’s bar scene. Fred’s Bar is conveniently positioned next to the Australian Wine(o) Centre, a preferred beer supplier to BotF than Mr Liquor because of their penchant for quality uniques. (As opposed to the contents of a stray container that Mr Liquor might find at La Perouse or Botany).

Fred’s is an intimate but friendly place. The proprietor noticed me photographing my Asahi Dry Black and we had a chat about Untappd and his beer range. Being a three tap venue, Fred’s chosen well. 4 Pines continue their quest for world domination and two of the three taps are Kolsch and Pale Ale. The other is Asahi. There’s a maslin of stubbies and I had to have a lash at the Asahi Dry Black. Didn’t do it for me – but i’ve got the mother of all flus so I’m possibly being harsh.

Fred's tap range and Asahi Dry Black

Fred’s tap range and Asahi Dry Black

Fred’s will get a repeat look in as a middie of 4 Pines before the voyage is always a good thing. This trip has been an astronomical disappointment because the rarity of a Red Moon Rising has failed to emerge from the mist and rain. Ah well, I’ll let Lamb0 tell us when the next red moon rising might occur.

Big seas, and as I sign off we’ve almost sailed out the Heads and we making the big left hander to ride in the swell.