Hanging out for a drink after work?

The Loose Head Prop is a Back of the Ferry inductee and he writes and/or finds some pretty good stuff. We’ll be adding him to our favourite blog on the site shortly, but in the meantime check him out. BotF has long espoused (in actions rather than words) the theory that the Loose Head Prop recently published.

Loose Head Prop

New research by the University of Illinois at Chicago suggests maybe you shouldn’t wait that long. Scientists at UIC have found that moderate alcohol consumption actually improves creative problem solving ability.


Maybe Ernest Hemmingway wasn’t too far off the money when he advised to “Write drunk, edit sober.”

To prove their theory, cognitive psychologist Andrew Jarosz and his team gathered a group of 40 men and split them into two groups. One drank vodka-cranberry cocktails equivalent to two pints of beer, while the other abstained from having a drop at all.

Once participants had a blood-alcohol level of 0.07 they were asked to solve a series of math problems while remembering a series of words. Not too much trouble there.
Where it got interesting was when participants were given a series of Remote Association Tests where they were asked to find a link between three words. For example “Cow, bag…

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