A return to Double Island Point and Cricketers Mid On

A highlight of any visit to Rainbow Beach is a trip to Double Island Point. We’ve written about Double Island Point before and it is a wondrous place. Accessible only by 4WD, it still gets crowded as BCFers know how to enjoy the great outdoors better than anyone.

The drive from Rainbow Beach is spectacular. It is a 6-7km drive along the beach with the towering coloured sand cliffs on one side and the crystal blue waters of the Pacific on the other. Access is variable even at the lowest of tides, depending on whether rocks are exposed or trees have been washed down onto the beach. There is a beach permit required, but it is purely a revenue raiser. If Access Permits are charged for then those charging should actually provide access by removing or chopping up the fallen trees. Tony of Toowoomba is a master of the sands and it was an easy drive in his wake.

There’s no shortage of things to do at Double Island Point. Tony of Toowoomba is very partial to a spot of beach fishing, whether on the beach or in 3 foot of water. I’ve yet to experience Double Island Point in a big swell, but this is where the surf schools take their students. In perfect conditions, a 500m wave can be ridden. There’s swimming, snorkelling and just splashing around in the warm clear water. There’s a bushwalk as well to the lighthouse, which I may do one of these days, but the heat would need to be low.

With the heat really on at Double Island Point, it was a 3.5% kind of day. I still had to negotiate the drive back and on Rainbow Beach the normal road rules apply. The only odd beer I’ve been able to find up in these parts had been Cricketers Arms Mid On. This mid-strength golden lager is made by Cricketers Arms Brewing, which is now part of the Asahi stable as of April 2013. I reckon this craft brewer struck it lucky selling itself as a craft beer. Everything I’ve tried has been average at best. Mid On, even though it is a mid strength is no different to any of the other mid strengths that dominate the taps and bottle shop fridges up here.