The Rex Hotel

Travelling overseas with kids is challenging. I was never one to be particularly impacted by jet lag. However, my kids have absolutely been shellacked by it. Means we have to dive in and out of Saigon in bite size chucks. They pretty much sleep the rest of the time.

One such chunk was a visit to the roof bar of the Rex Hotel. Located bang in the centre of Saigon it has cracking bar on the roof with great views over downtown. Drink prices are steep for Saigon but cheap for Sydney.

The Rex was famous as the preferred locale for GIs to drink during the war. It was also the place where the US Armed Forces held their daily press conference during the Vietnam War. Called the ‘Five O’Clock Follies’, the daily presso was light on facts and paint a grossly optimistic view of the war. This reminds me of Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf (aka Comical Ali). If you remember he was the ludicrous Iraqi general who during the 2003 Iraqi Invasion came out with all sorts of grandiose and grossly unrealistic propaganda broadcasts.

A favourite quote…”Our initial assessment is that they will die”.
Back to the rooftop bar. I managed a Saigon Export before all three kids were comatose with heads on the table. Potable but not a stand out.