A drink with ToT in the Yarraman Hotel

This corredpondent’s been rather quiet of late. Maybe even a case of writer’s block. There’s been no shortage of beers drunk in no dearth of odd locations with no paucity of beer p0rn to accompany a missive or two – but for a while now the couch has been preferable to the computer.

The fingers have been loosened by the arrival on our fair shores of our now former NE Asian correspondent – Tony of Toowoomba (formerly known as Tony from Toowoomba). I’ve ventured up the New England to meet ToT in his natural habitat. We then convoyed further up the New England on the way to Rainbow Beach.

On the way to Rainbow we were finally able to have our first beer together in Terra Australis for some time at the Yarraman Hotel. This is a 100 year old pub in a town of less than 1,000 people. There’s a second pub in town called the Royal, but the Yarraman Hotel was the first we encountered as we drove North throughYarraman. Pubs in the bush are frequently called the Royal, the Comnercial or are eponymous of the town. Yarraman had been around since the 1870s and is famous for its hoop pines and deer. That would explain the impressive collection of trophies adorning the dining room wall – still with Christmas headgear. It is great to see the ToT again and I look forward to a week of adventures.