Zai Jian Zhongguo

After five years in Beijing and approximately three and a half years as BotF’s North Asia correspondent this will be my final blog in such a capacity.

The responsibility the BotF Executive has bestowed upon me is one I have not taken lightly and it has been a fabulous posting. The Chinese do enjoy their beers and Tsingtao Draft will remain my favourite particularly when accompanied with Gong Bao Ji Ding.

Living in Beijing brings with it a wonderfully International influence with regards to beers. I would like to formally convey my thanks of behalf of BotF to Jenny Wang’s local supermarkets for their efforts to provide a plethora of new beers to sample.

The list of humorous memories are too voluminous to mention. Bladdamasta’s electric bike incident, the Shanghai French Quarter Sojourn, quiz night at the Pomegranate, the Green Cap Shennanigins and the post from the Great Wall which shut down Internet access to BotF in China. I sign off from my favourite haunt; the Swan with Two Necks with a Guiness. This post is unfortunately short as TfT still has some packing to do and the Flying Kangaroo departs tomorrow morning.

It is indeed time for Tony to return to Toowoomba! Zai Jian!!