High speed Beer

Much has been written about China Railway High or CRH speed trains both good and bad but I have to admit I am a huge fan. Traveling by train has very much become my first choice for domestic transport as flights become increasingly unreliable with long delays and frequent cancelations.

The most recent statistics I could find suggested CRH recorded 1.86 billion passenger movements in 2011 a number which for sure will increase.

Seats are comfy with plenty of leg room, tasty food, the scenery is great, the economics compared to air travel work and there is just something about traveling at 300 km very close to the ground that keeps one fixated.

China has a long history with trains but to be honest I think the exciting part of the story has only just begun. But please CRH reconsider your beer choices …… a “bing de Qingdao” would have made the trip perfect.