A new rooftop bar in Hangzhou and Storgen Domgold Schwarzbier

Did a quick trip to Hangzhou, which is regarded highly by the Chinese as a place to visit. It is indeed scenic, but given the sights involve walking, visiting on a day when it is 40 degrees is not recommended. I’ve just about lost the will to live. Apparently Shanghai, which is 180kms away is experiencing its hottest weather in 150 years. It was high 30s at 10pm

I was walking down a very pleasant pedestrian street towards the Drum Tower, when I spotted the sign above. With 30 minutes up my sleeve I took a punt. The Daka House is a boutique hotel that is having a “soft opening”. “Pi jiu”? I asked. Upstairs they pointed. Three flights of stairs later I walked a very simple but elegant bar with views of a church and a woody hill with a temple. There was a medium sized outdoor area, but I was fried so opted for inside views. On a milder evening this should go off.

The beer selection was modest but had this absolute oddity. This German(?) offering has only had two check ins on Untappd. How a slab ended up in a Hangzhou bar is a mystery, but then again German beers are the most prevalent import. Nice enough with a robust burnt taste. Probably not the beer for 40 degrees!

The Drum Tower area is developing nicely. They’ve done a great job of preserving the old buildings and kept the alley ways which are filling up with quirky shops and cafes. The gate above is North opposite the Drum Tower. Walk north through it and the Daka House is on your left. The Drum Tower itself can be climbed and gives some good views.

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