Yangshuo Rooftop Bars

I love a good rooftop bar and Yangshuo has three of the best. All offer the most spectacular views and if there’s a better twilight and evening on a rooftop in China, I’d be very surprised. None are easy to find, but they are all worth the effort. What adds to the impressive spectacle is that the Karsts are lit up once the sun sets, making the back drop even more dramatic.

Monkey Jane is an infamous hostel. This place is all about partying very hard and budget drinking. The rooftop bar is up 6 flights of stairs. The views are 270 degrees and 360 degrees if you are insane enough to climb up a rusty ladder to the water tower. (Yes, I was insane enough). You can the other two bars in the second photo. Get here for twilight before the shooters come out.

Mojo Rooftop Bar is the easiest to find, so long as you know to go through a hotel foyer which also has a silver smith and a doctor fish spa (fish that eat dead skin off your feet). There’s a lift which gets you to the 4th floor then walk to the 6th. This is the most substantial of the 3 bars. Large indoor and outdoor areas with one of most inclined pool tables in it as well. This place is definitely a dancer’s paradise, but also provides an amazing view of the third bar, which is silhouetted against the Bi Lian Karst that dominates the Yangshuo skyline. A couple of unique German beers as well with the Hessenbrau Weizen being really good.

The last of the trio is the Showbiz Rooftop Bar. Again tough to find, but we kind of knew where it was by judging its location from the Mojo. This bar sits on top of a youth hostel and whilst there is some nudge-nudge entendre to the names of the drinks – it isn’t in the League of Monkey Jane. Looking up to Bi Lian, which by this stage is all lit up, is a real thrill.

A must do pub crawl for any Yangshuo visitor.