Liquan Ice and Dog

Did many things today in the Yangshuo County, but to keep this brief, I’ll concentrate on the title. I am definitely @untappd’s Liquan expert. I’ve now had 5 different varieties, but it must be said that 4 could be 2 ie Chinese label and Laowei (Caucasian) label. So far there is Fresh, Nature and Ice. They are genuinely different but all mediocre. The Yangshuo residents drink it like it is going out of style.

This morning we visited Yangshuo’s local “wet market”. Every Chinese city has them and over the years I’ve become quite functional about them. There’s plenty of warnings about the Pantou Road local markets and they are all justified. I walked in, took one look at the back wall and realised I wouldn’t be going beyond the veggies row. I’m no lover of canines but this was confronting. I can’t write more. I’ve been to 20 Chinese cities and never seen dog so blatantly offered. It was also on the menu at a local restaurant. Yeah but no.

This is a quibble. Everyone should come to Yangshuo. Just don’t go to the markets. Everything else is mind blowing.