Frankie’s Taps

I wonder whether the re-branding of Murray’s in Manly to the Rubber Duckie Taphouse is going to extend itself to the name of the brewery itself – or perhaps a marketing spin off of the concept, like “”Quack”. This would certainly provide plenty of opportunities for some amusing names. For example, Dr’s Healing Ale. You get my drift.


Down in Frankie’s this evening there are two Murray’s beers on tap – Icon and Vesuvius (Imperial Lager). The latter is a 7.2% refreshing pilsner style with a spot of citrus left on the palate, which, under the new brand might be known as PhD Pils. Icon is a 2 x IPA, which at 7.5% is a traditionally weighty Indian Pale Ale capable of surviving any long sea voyage – call that one Dr Dr – tasting notes: rubber (almost like a condom) on the nose as well as the palate, pepper after-burn… quite grown up.

The full list can be seen in the picture. Get yourself down there for a tipple or two. Dr Murray insists on it