Winter Ales now in

I’ve been dreaming about the 6.2% Dunkel Monkey for a week now, and understandably so. Have you ever had a banana With dark chocolate roasted on the barbecue? That’s what this precious autumnal ale tasted like – smoked wood, a hint of chocolate, with a dose of healthy banana. The ideal mate to wash down the Sunday roast of lamb, accentuating the gamy flavours almost to the extent of giving a little offal – quite extraordinary.

Naturally I had to wash it down with desert – this came in the form if a half-filled tasting glass of 9.2% Aged Wee Scot, an ice-creamy coffee liqueur. It was rich beyond belief.

Since my last posting, I should point out that I failed to pop into Murray’s on Thursday evening, but instead had a swift three pints of the 4 Pines 5.5% Old Ranga – an amber ale with plenty of ginger and a hint of Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Being on tap and therefore not too fizzy, this went down a dream. I really can’t imagine that these three beers lasting long.

They’ve got a 5 year anniversary on 16 June where a beer will cost you $5 and a roast will set you back $5 too, even for non-club members. As a Scot, I for one won’t be missing that occasion.

Oh, and by the way, I thought the sun exploding outside of the Nine Tails near the Harbour Bridge this evening was also a photo worth sharing, as well as, of course, the Dunkel Monkey