“If your dad drinks cider, you have two mums,” as the old saying goes. Seems a little harsh – I mean, what if the only alcohol you have access to is cider? Fate worse than death! So what do you do if there isn’t a boutique craft ale readily available when you are about to get on the back of the ferry.

I considered jumping off the ferry in protest. But then, there would only be one loser and I can’t imagine any winners.

The sensible alternative was a Little Creatures Pilsner washed down with a James Squire Nine Tales – nothing exciting about big brewery beers, I hear you cry, but these beers started small, they led the way, and i imagine they made good money in the sell off. The artisans of the ale world are proud of the pioneers breaking down the barriers of tasteless beer.

VIVID light show was the perfect backdrop for the photoshot – Customs House the perfect location right next to Circular Quay… I was only slightly disappointed the Dr Who TARDIS wasn’t on display when the beer came out. It was a great show, and now I’m travelling home in the rain on the back of the ferry, I’m jealous of all those folk with the fancy cameras – I’d have appreciated one to take the Little Creatures Pilsner shot in from of the Bond girls on the Opera House as the backdrop.

Hey ho. Maybe a cheeky beer in Murray’s when I get to the other side.