Trafalgar – Wanchai, Sneck Lifter, @daniel_thwaites Wainwright

Wanchai has a deservedly dubious reputation, but it also has some gems. I visited during the day and stumbled across Trafalgar – a pub on the 5th floor of a building – that specialises in British Beer.

The lifts are rickety and not all go to the 5th floor, but persistence pays off as you end up in a bar with great inside and outside ambience, high above the sordid going-ons of the Wanchai main drag.

Their speciality is a wonderful selection of British bottled beer. I’ve hankered after Sneck Lifter ever since I saw it on a website. Worth the wait. An absolute belter. Advertised as strong, but just a touch over 5%. Still had that warming spiritous flavour. Outstanding beer.

The second beer I tried was a delightful golden ale named for a travel author Alfred Wainwright. Very finely made, with an uncloying sweetness that made for a very pleasant sip. Nice happy hour times as well.