A Thai San Miguel on the Back of the Star Ferry

Went to Kowloon for a browse of Ladies Market. A trip on the MTR is quickest, but I couldn’t pass up a trip on the Star Ferry to see the lights of Victoria Harbour. There’s no bottlo near the Star Ferry, but I picked up a tin of Thai brewed San Miguel at A Kebab shop on the wharf. It’s been very hazy on the harbour but the lights still look good.

Private enterprise is alive and well and you can get a photograph taken for as little as $1.20 on the Kowloon side printed within 2 minutes. Digital Camera, memory card and a printer all set up and ready to go. Ladies Market is a 5 minute cab ride away and has three blocks of stalls selling sunnies, bags, cuff links, watches, toys, electronic goods etc Bargaining is mandatory and the quality is passable for the price.