Baiyun Shan, Moxing Summit and Too End Export

It’s a symbol of China that the tallest man made structure is higher than the highest natural point of a city. That’s the case in Guangzhou where the Canton Tower is over 100m taller than the natural peak of the Baiyun Mountain Park – Moxing Summit. I ascended both in one day and both were exhiliarating experiences.

A trip to a mountain (hill) in China can’t be done without a cable car involved. Many of the good citizens do the halfway ascent to Baiyun Mountain on foot, practicing unusual and individual calisthenics. I took the lazy man approach and took the trolley up and the cable car down. I wasn’t a complete slob and did the 4 km round trip to the highest point in Guangzhou – Moxing Summit. It’s a great walk and if the air was clear was be rewarded with amazing views. Baiyun Mountain is described as Guangzhou’s lungs. If so, based on my experience, then Baiyun would be diagnosed as emphysemic.
I took an unusual beer up for the climb. I purchased a can of Top End Export from a Walmart. It boasts to made by an Australian owned brewer, but on the side of the can is a Belgian brewer – Martens. I’ve looked up the Australian brewer and it does exist – just. Great Southern Brewing has an Australian address and a website that is coming soon. But that’s it. Based on the beer, don’t worry about coming ever. Fosters for the Chinese.

I loved the experience of Baiyun Mountain and recommend it to all. If I had time. I’d spend the day there watching the citizens of Guangzhou enjoy their greenery.