The Brew and Brewers & Union beer

If you want to get a sense of the explosion in China’s wealth, visit Zhujiang New Town. This is a part of Guangzhou that will blow your mind even if you aren’t aren’t a connoisseur of skyscrapers. They’ve just gone berserk here and the variety of glass covered behemoths gives Shanghai a run for its money. There’s some quite exceptional buildings including the remarkable Canton Tower.


This is the expat part of town (apparently) and the giveaway is a place like The Brew. It’s a Canadian sports bar with a good range of burgers, wings and beer. It also shows all sports (I’m watching Super 15 now).

There’s a range of bottles from a group called Brewers & Union. The Steph Weiss was a seriously good Hefeweizen , but I can’t tell whether it is German, Belgian or South African. Still, the labelling is cool and the beer’s better. Check out the website and Untappd and make up your own mind. So there you have it. Drinking a beer made in Europe by South Africans in a bar run by Canadians in Guangzhou watching two NZ teams play rugby.