Induction – David #43

David and the Bridge

So Monday night was a terrific night for BotF inductions. The Back of the Ferry was in pretty full swing for a Monday evening. There was probably 20 or so folk enjoying an overcast but balmy evening with a soothing beverage. The journey was also one of the smoothest, with the harbour barely moving. So, it was a wonderful evening to introduce another overseas guest to the delights of the stern of the Queenscliff. Like his fellow inductee, Ana-Marie, David is from Auckland – so knows a good harbour when he sees one. Knows a good bar or two as well and he introduced this correspondent to a couple of good places in Auckland recently. The least I could do was return the favour, the induction ceremony was followed by some beers at 4 Pines and Murrays at Manly. The latest new menu at Murrays is actually quite good.

So to the all important questions

Favourite beverage: Heineken

Favourite sport to spectate: Rugby Union (probably superfluous use of the word Union, given we are talking to a Kiwi)

Area of Trivial Expertise: Indie music

Induction ceremony witnessed by Bladdamasta and Rob

At the 4 Pines, I tried a beer with an ingredient I haven’t had in a beer before. The Choc Seaweed Porter was very smooth, but quite unusual. The promised “strong seaweed aroma” was as prevalent as I’d imagined. In fact it was like the chocolate and seaweed had cancelled eachother out. It’s definitely an odd combination, and far mine – it didn’t work. Not unpotable, but I think I’ll stick to the humble hand-pulled Choc Porter, which is a ripper.

Choc Seaweed Porter