Arvo 51 – the outcome of Hobson’s Choice or Morton’s Fork

Recently bus shelters around Sydney have been adorned with pictures of two stubbies of beer – Arvo 51 and Arvo 34. The brewer has been exhorting the public to buy and try both and vote for their favourite. I can’t recall a 6 pack with 3 stubbies of each variety.

At the risk of encroaching upon Cyril Dickthorpe’s blogging turf – the vote is in and the brewer is blaming the public for the survival of Arvo 51 and the demise of Arvo 34. To be honest, I couldn’t arsed voting for either. Each were innocuous – cold, wet, alcoholic – so I wouldn’t affected either way by the result of the ballot. A big campaign by a big winemaker (they make the wine version of Fosters – Yellowtail) hoping to become a big brewer.