The Front of the Ferry

No it’s not a typo. For reasons unknown the Manly ferries have gone arse about. For efficiency (a word not usually associated with NSW public transport systems) the ferries have engines at both ends. So you sail in to the Quay and sail into Manly without having to do a 3 point turn. So far, so good. The ends of the Manly Ferry are different. One end is the expansive area we’ve come to know and love. The other end is cramped and filled with anchors and chains and other natural equipment. For whatever. Reason the Back of the Ferry heading to Manly has always been the expansive end.

For the last 3 weeks, things have changed and the cramped end has been at the Manly bound stern end. So tonight we face into the breeze with two uniques. This is an in situ blog so now i’ll be terse. Mountain Goat IPA – phenomenal newbie aka an @untappd unique. Very bitter – but in a beautiful sharp way.

Aspall cider – love a 500ml