Daylight savings eve and Cittavecchia Chiara

I write this post literally from the Back of the Ferry on the last weekday afternoon before daylight savings kicks in. Daylight savings is a wonderful institution and adds a cherry on the top of the cream that is the ferry ride home. Today has been a belter in Sydney. 30+ degrees and a ticker tape (more like large confetti) parade down George Street for our amazing Sydney Swans.

As I write a southerly is stiffening, which has taken the edge off the heat, but not the enjoyment. The beer du jour is a very effervescent little Italian from Trieste called Chiara. It is made by a brewer called Cittavecchia and it is proclaimed to be Birra Artigiana Trieste, which if Latin studies serve me correctly means “craft beer from Trieste”. It is a fine summer drop. Fresh, fizzy and not without bite.

Bring on daylight savings and we’ll celebrate that with some gusto.