Drei Kronen 1308 Brauhaus

It’s great to discover a new place in Beijing. It’s disappointing I found it on my last day here. The Drei Kronen 1308 Bruahaus is a full on Bavarian Tavern near the Worker’s Stadium that offers great beer and food.

The joint is huge with 3 levels, built around a massive atrium which provides views of the expansive bar and brewing kettles. Yep – they brew their own beer here. Apparently one of 5 in China, Drei Kronen is a Bavarian brewery that is building brewpubs in Asia. They will be opening one in Bali soon.

They make 3 brews on site using German ingredients – a standard lager, a dark lager and a traditional wheat beer. The dark lager was reasonable. Quite malty, but a little thin for mine – still eminently drinkable and probably the choice for a big session. The Felsen Weisse was an absolute knockout. Wonderfully aromatic, with banana dominating – it also looks magnificent in its purpose built glass. It was stunningly fresh and effervescent with plenty of malt flavour. As good as any wheat beer I’ve tried.

The best surprise came with the bill. I hadn’t noticed the Happy Hour sign. This is the happiest Happy Hour for punters I’ve seen with a genuine half price deal for 6 hours! $4.40 for 500ml is great value when the beer is so good. Put Drei Kronen on the Beijing to do list.

PS – sorry about the layout. Faceb0ok, Tw1tter and W0rdpress are blocked in China. The only way I can post is in Email format, which gives me no control over photo size and captioning. Maybe better luck in Honkers.