Fast trains and Suntory Beer

This is the briefest of posts. I’m not sure if it will even work. Yesterday this correspondent travelled to Shanghai and had a great opportunity to compare two major city’s airport rail connections.

First, Circular Quay (yep I started my journey on a ferry) to the Sydney International Terminal – $36 Aussie, a few stops and about 20 minutes. The Shanghai Maglev from Pudong Airport to Longyang Road – 150 RMB or $23 Aussie, no stops, top speed 301km and 10 minutes. One of Sydney’s great ripoffs. No debate.

My first beer on this trip was dictated by the local family mart. None of this separate liquor stores here in Shanghai. Coke Zero, Vitamin Water, Tsingtao, rice wine, JD and coke all happily co-exist in the one fridge. Hadn’t had Suntory Beer before. When My internet works, I’ll find out more.