@inveralmondbeer Blackfriars at Lake McKenzie


For an island with 120kms of surf beach, Fraser Island has a major downfall – sharks. There is a fearsome current that runs 20m off the beach that creates a deep gutter. In this gutter live 3m bull sharks, 5m tiger sharks and 7m hammerheads that feed on thousands of fish that also use the gutter. I’m not sure what it is like north of Indian Head, which is about 3/4s up the eastern side of Fraser, but I’d want solid clearance before dipping my toe in.


Luckily for swimmers, there’s over 100 fresh water lakes or pools on Fraser Island including the most beautiful Lake McKenzie. Lake McKenzie is around 80m above sea level and is simply stunning to look at. Because of its relatively high acid content, nothing lives or grows in the water and it is just like a big sandy bath bowl. At 26 degrees temperature, it is one of the great swimming experiences going around.


Today’s beerporn subject comes from a place far removed from Fraser Island. Blackfriar Scottish premium ale comes from Perth, Scotland and is made by the Inveralmond Brewery. One of many craft brewers coming out of Scotland, water plays a big part in the Inveralmond story. Perth’s water is apparently legendarily pure and is used in whiskey production as well as being the basis for this great beer. Blackfriar is a tribute to the monks that used to live in the area. It is a splendid drop. Rich, bordering on spiritous, it also has a sharp hoppy finish. Quite unusual but satisfying. A knife and fork beer that’s a real sipper.