Quayle Summer Ale – Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord indeed

The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel is an old timer on the Australian Craft Beer scene. According to their website, they started brewing on-site in 1985 and they’ve been going strong ever since. The Lord Nelson Hotel is a must-visit for any visitor to Sydney and it is an awesome place for that DNR lunch in summer. That said, the Lord is not adverse to jumping onto the occasional trend and he’s done that (very?) recently by introducing Quayle “Summer” Ale in a 6 pack – though as long as I can remember it’s been on tap.

Love the Green

What is a “Summer Ale”? According to Beer Advocate’s Beer Style Guide, there is no “Summer Ale” style, yet if you search for “Summer Ale” there are 229 varieties (but not Quayle Summer Ale!). I think there is no real definition, other than a Summer Ale is designed to be a quenching beer, moderate alcohol strength, most probably citrusy and nothing too big about it so that you can “slam it down fast”. The Quayle Summer Ale fits that definition. There was a little spice in the swallow, and let’s just say the 6 pack vanished very quickly. Love the whole appearance as well – and the “Praise the Lord” motto was most apt for Christmas Eve, when I drank said beer. Received a nice present the next day, whose contents may pop up in some exotic locations shortly.

Chrissy present